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Bored off my rocker with too many projects on the go.

Shellac will destroy your nails. You can see my new growth and the yellow everywhere else. I don’t think I will be using gel paint ever again.

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Sticking with super sharp #nails these days. I call them #VampireNails. It’s true love.

There’s nothing worse than seeing something you drew, designed, created, drafted, fit, sewn and stressed over that’s making millions walking down the street passed you to your cheap little home. This is my design life and this is what I hate. Making minimal cash for a seriously amazing product I can fully stand behind with ZERO recognition.
Being real, this is me. A Canadian #designer working for a pathetic wage. Wassup world. #realtalk after a bottle of wine.

"Whirled Away" by China Glaze. I love it!!


Jokes. All Jokes.

These kill me. 

Long time, no post!

I’m sure no one is missing much anyway. 

What has been missed is a switch to a new phone which promotes better photos!  Now to add Tumblr to it…

Round one:

I got the perfect Mani yesterday.  I envy my manicurist.  How does she do it so well?!  My hands look revitalized!  And did I get into trouble for not going in since December?  You bet I did!


Round two:

Went for a cougar look over the holidays.  Turned out… ok.  Too globby for my taste.


Round three:

Finally achieved my VIB card.  Makes me feel like a shop-a-holic.  I’m so not!  But every time I go to the mall, I clean house at Sephora and forget what I went to the mall for to begin with.  Don’t mind my grown out purple polish.  No judging!


Round four:

I went for a Tie Dye look last week, I loved it!  Totally doing it again soon but only with pastels.  Painting was much more interesting than the new 2012 Les Miserable.  Who really agreed that any actor can sing and that they should be in a musical?  Its terrifyingly bad!


And that’s it!  That’s all she wrote.  Stay tuned for more polish.



This guy named Bronx Barkley is a frenchie boston [froston] who belongs to Joel and Natalie. He loves treats, peanut butter and walks.  

by Joel  


Feet are gross… But less gross when they are WAH Nails inspired.

Eyeball nail!

Fade out with Zebra print.

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